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In addition to the manufacture and sale of tin-lead based solders, we have additional services for the industry to ensure compliance with all the standards we handle.


All our products are analyzed at each manufacturing stage until the release of finished products.

Support is provided to our clients for the periodic analysis of their process pots to determine and analyze possible changes or increases in welding, as well as analysis of slag generated in production lines.

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Atomic Absorption

Analysis of metals, slags, minerals and non-ferrous base rocks by means of atomic absorption. The following elements Pb, Bi, Sb, Cu, Fe, Zn, Cd, Ni, Ag, Au, Pd, Na, Al, Si, Sn, Ca, Cr, Mg, Co are analyzed.

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Precise determination of the main element of a sample under visual quantitative analytical chemistry techniques, based on a color change and gravimetry. The following elements are determined: Pb, Sb, Cu, Zn, Sn, Ag, As, F, Cl, S.

Optical emission

Quantitative analysis of metallic samples exclusively under the simultaneous measurement optical emission spectrophotometry technique with argon spark.
There are arrays of:


  • Pb (Refined Lead, antimonial lead, lead-silver, lead-based babbitts)

  • Sn (Tin grade A, Antimonial tin, Lead-free solders, Sn-Pb solders, Babbits base Sn)

  • Cu ( Fine copper, Alloy copper, Brass, Blister copper)

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As a measure to avoid environment deterioration, we must adopt measures focused on reducing waste in our production processes and recycling to avoid further contamination. Because we have ecological permits for the collection and transportation of hazardous waste, we offer environmental manifests to our clients to purchase their solder, lead and non-ferrous metal waste.

Semarnat permit 24-I-02-2014

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